We interact with Design and Innovation together.

Altweb Media is a hub of innovations where design and innovations integrate with each other and thus we rediscover new ways of building a brand and thus engaging with consumer and making loyal connections around the online space.

We are all passionate about making strategies that work, creatives that speak for themselves and technology which never gets old plus is updated from time to time to be head to head with others.


All this is not done alone but is from the guidance and proper acknowledgement from:



Ajay Prakash,(37), is the founder of Altweb Media and a innovator by nature. He is the “Mastermind” of the organization and a thinker above all. He is a master of global marketing skills and understands the digital marketing world to the core. With his experience and the technical knowhow, he has the solution to all your marketing needs.

Loren Howard


Loren Howard, (32), is the founder of Altweb Media and a professional athlete. He is a person who is driven by love and compassion and with a motive to make a lasting effect on the world. He has deep understanding and technical awareness of the digital world and knows what things drive the Digital Marketing world for optimum results and awareness. Not a 9-5 schedule person, he enjoys exercise, community service and dipping in the pool too.