With new business emerging into the market daily, your business need to stand out of the others which are emerging and from those too which are well established over the past years. Although this statement may be a bit scary but a proper strategy can crush your competitors and provide an upper edge to your business.

With Google being a synonym for search or for looking a way out, this is the place where you need to market your business and always stand above your competitors which a clear objective defined strategy and this is achievable through Pay per Click (PPC).

With our Google certified experts and with a relevant experience of various industries, we know what will work and give you the desired results at a budget favorable for you.

Now you can increase the relevant traffic to your website by paid search advertising which can have the following key highlights:

Pay only for the relevant traffic that one can limit by geography, keywords, days of the week, time of the day, etc.

Reduce the number of dead leads by incorporating extremely well written ad copy

Utilize the existing demand for your products, services etc.








Information is gathered about client’s business, their website, & other competitors for providing a clear & precise documentation that can be used throughout the stages of the project.

Project Brief
Business goals & client info is gathered to define the research & discovery process.

Keyword Research
A series of potential keywords for website PPC is created on the basis of analytics, landing pages etc.


A comprehensive PPC strategy is created along with a project plan that outlines the measurable goals.

Paid Search Strategy
Paid search, remarketing campaigns with the ad copy and targeting methodologies are defined.

Measurement Planning
Measurable long & short term goals are documented to extensively evaluate the campaign performance.


In collaboration with the client and Paid Search Strategy, landing page recommendations are implemented.

Landing Page Design
Landing pages are created with strong calls to action for the newly defined campaigns.

Landing Page Implementation
For the new campaigns, creation & editing of landing pages is implemented.

Campaign Setup
On the basis of Paid Search Strategy, existing campaigns are created or edited.


The campaigns are monitored & adjusted on the basis of performance of the landing pages, keywords and ad copy.

Bids, ads, landing pages etc. are changed daily or every few days.

Campaign Adjustments:
Global changes are performed weekly or biweekly based on the changing trends.


Regular reporting & analysis of the campaign is performed & project plans are adjusted on the basis of results.

Monthly Report Monthly Reports are generated for complete analysis.

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