Search Engine optimization (SEO) is a necessity for business to grow on the online space. We all live in the 21st century and considering the current scenario, Google has become a synonym for search or to find a way out.

Need to buy a pair of shoes or planning a vacation with your loved ones, Google has got all the relevant resources for you. So to list your business onto the first page of Google is very important and with regular competition you need to develop authority also for the long run of your business. And all this is done by an effective SEO strategy and applying it for the long run of your business and it’s like putting some smart work now so that you can reap the benefit later.

The result of a good optimized website is that you can drive quality traffic to your websites by achieving top rank on the Google Search Engine Result Page (SERP) for the keywords which are closely related to your business. SEO involves a lot of smart work and patience as it’s not a easy game like Adwords as you are putting money to be listed up on the result page.

Here is the checklist which everyone focuses but we do a lot better

Landing page creation & optimization for each keyword related to your business to drive traffic and lead to conversions.

On-page optimization as well as internal linking is set up in order to maximize rankings.

To augment the ranking growth, monthly link building & content outreach is carried out.

Monthly link-building & outreaching the content to augment ranking growth.









This is the first step where we learn about a client’s business, their competitors, etc. for providing a clear documentation that can be used throughout the other stages of the project.

Project Brief: Business goals & client information is defined.

SEO Audit: Baselines for websites current SEO performance is created.

Keyword Search: Potential target keywords are defined on the basis of business goals.

Competitive Analysis: SEO competitors are defined.


A comprehensive SEO strategy & a definitive project plan is created to clearly define the measurable business goals.

On & Off-site Strategy: An actionable plan is documented that introduces the changes to website’s content.

Content Strategy: An entire schedule of content is created for the website to outreach campaigns.

Measurement Planning: Measurable long & short-term plans are documented for evaluating the campaign performance.


The recommendations from the On-site & Content Strategy are implemented in collaboration with the client.

Content Implementation: The website content is altered on the Content Strategy.

Technical Implementation: The edits to the website code are implemented on the basis of On-site Strategy.


Implement a solid project plan from the Off-site Strategy & Content Strategy via content sharing.

Content Creation: Quality content based on Content Strategy is regularly created.

Customer Outreach: Potential partners are contacted with the goal of publishing content.


Regular reporting is generated of analysis of the campaign, goal tracking, adjusting project plans, etc.

Monthly Report: A performance report is generated monthly of goals, campaign metrics, tasks accomplished, etc.

Quarterly Review: A comprehensive overview of campaign is performed.

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